portable laser


Portable laser 

The hand-held lasers supplied by EF feature at special safety parts design, security ensure, FDA compliant, no IR, long lifetime and high power.These portable lasers provide high visibility and stability. This lasers are built from the ground up for continuous high powered operation. Our portable Class IIIb lasers incorporate a 5-point safety system which includes an aperture shutter, key switch, indicator LED, interlock, and output delay. We have obtained FDA accession numbers for all of our products to be shipped into the United States. In addition, we accept wholesale and retail both.

405 nm violet portable laser PGL-III-A-405/5mW

473 nm blue portable laser

532 nm green portable laser

593.5 nm yellow portable laser PGL-III-C-593.5/5mW

635 nm red portable laser

655 nm red portable laser


808 nm infrared laser pointer

980 nm infrared laser pointer


1064 nm infrared laser pointer

1342 nm infrared laser pointer


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