Optical Mounts

Optical Mounts

Optical mounts are specialized holders designed for use with a variety of optical assemblies. This is a large and inclusive product classification that includes devices of many shapes and sizes to handle a wide array of optical components. Individual optical mounts are designed to accommodate specific types of optical apparatus. They are used to mount or hold optical filters, all types of lenses, mirrors, polarizers, prism tables, iris diaphragms, filter wheels, diodes, laser mounts, beam steerers, and many other types of optical components. Additionally, optical mounts are available with circular, square, or rectangular holding fixtures based upon the type of component they are designed to mount.

Lab Jacks

Adjustable Mirror Mounts Mirror Holders
Lab Jacks Adjustable MirrorMounts MirrorHolders

Iris Diaphragms

Adjustable Width Slits

Iris Diaphragms AdjustableWidth Slits Adjustable-Height Mounting Posts
Light Baffles Optical Fiber Couplers

Light Baffles

Optical FiberCouplers

Vertical Adjustment Platforms
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