Laser system

laser marking system

The unit of wavelength is nanometer(nm)
End-pumped laser marking system
Small volume, light weight, wind cooling design, fast marking speed, effective, the marking effect as well as fiber laser, it can be applied to the production line, suitable for most metal and nonmetal fast marking.
Water-cooled laser marking system
High laser power, good mode, marking speed, high precision of the cooling water temperature control make the laser output stability. It can mark on metal and various nonmetal.
Green laser marking system
Green laser marking system can mark on fruits, vegetables, eggs and subsidiary agricultural products. 3D Laser Crystal Engraving Machine

Water-cooled laser marking system
Fiber laser marking systems have the advantage of high beam quality which can be used for fine processing with the strict requiremnt of depth, smoothness,and finesse.

CO2 laser marking system
With the advantages of fast scanning speed, clear marking, not easy to wear, these systems can mark on plastic, ceramic, leather, wood products, paper, organic glass and other materials.
Laser deep carving machine
Laser deep carving machine launched for the precision carvings, which is suitable for fine and precision engraving on steel, copper work piece, as well as logo and character pattern engraving and mold engraving.
Fine-LaScribe Series Diamond laser Marking System
It can accurately engraved on the diamond girdle such as product number or certificate number, LOGO, graphics, personalized imprint.
Sub-surface Laser Engraving Machine
Decoration, glass processing; Crystal and glass industrial processing; Tourist attractions, hotels, galleries, photo studio; Phone keypad, ceramic glaze ; Glass bottle online marking (specific models).

Fiber Optic Spectrometer

The unit of wavelength is nanometer(nm)
High Resolution Spectrometer-Aurora4000
Used in the field of high resolution spectroscopy; Applications: Wavelength analysis; LED analysis; Chemical research, etc.
High Sensitivity Spectrometer-Sunshine
Strong ability to detect weak signal; Applications: Raman spectral; Semiconductor processing; Life science; Gas analysis, etc.
Compact Spectrometer-Firefly4000
More flexible; more portable; more higher cost performance; Applications: Wavelength analysis; Chemical/biological analysis; Teaching experiment, etc.

Raman Spectrometer
The Raman Spectrometer is launched by EF, which is widely used in food safety, environmental sciences, judicial identification. Meanwhile, with high resolution, sensitivity and other advantages, it fits for various application.

Optical Fiber Raman Probe
The optical fiber Raman probe is suitable for laboratory and process testing application, which can make the Raman measurements for liquid, powders and solid sample.
Laser Sources
With narrow spectral bandwidth, spectral purity and a high level of wavelength stability, aser module is designed specially for Raman spectroscopy.
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