Fine-LaScribe Series Diamond

Features   Application Industries
  • Small volume, easy of use;

  • High micro marking speed, fine graphics, fine lines;

  • Reat carving, make up carving, select carving, high reat positioning accuracy.

  • Suitable for the industries of a jewelry factory, diamond wholesalers and jewelry testing industry, which can accurately engraved on the diamond girdle such as product number or certificate number, LOGO, graphics, personalized imprint.



CNI laser released a diamond laser marking machine which is researched and designed by a number of domestic famous laser, optical design and NC experts in CIOMP.

It is characterized by:

Using the indendent research and development Q-switched lasers with international leading level; excellent beam quality, pulsed duration less than 3ns, very small thermal effect;

High-power beam expander and dual-band aberration focusing mirror is used in conjunction with the perfect design to a small focused spot to 5μ m ;

Using high precision X-Y-Z CNC electronic displacement platform, reat positioning accuracy up to 1μ m;

The use of laser and CCD microscopy confocal aiming optical system to display the micron engraved diamond image and laser engraved lines clearly at the same time, and the operator eyes don't fatigue;

Specially designed software to input and edit any text and graphics, easy to operate;

Operation lifetime >20000 hours, total power consumption <200 W, air-cooled, no need to maintance.

Model Fine-LaScribe
Reat positioning accuracy ±1μm
Maximum marking line speed 2mm/s
Minimum marking character height 40um
Minimum marking line width 5um
Cooling method Air cooled
Power consumption <200W
Dimensions 510mm(L)*415mm(W)*345mm(H)
Weight 30kg
Lifetime 10000 hours
Warranty 1 year

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