FB20-1 Ytterbium Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking is widely employed on large scale for part identification and traceability. Lasers mark a wide range of materials that include metals, nonmetals, ceramics, plastics, organics, and semiconductors, to name a few. The good absorption properties of most materials at near IR wavelengths make fiber lasers very attractive for laser marking applications. The beam quality, compact design and maintenance free operation are of particular interest. The CW and Q-switched lasers covers a wide range of applications and fit most marking requirements. The CW single mode fiber lasers accommodate most marking requirements in metals. The CW output is of extreme importance when fast, clean and shallow non-intrusive markings are required. Examples include removal of thin films on glass, anneal marking on steels, IC marking and coated metals.

Features   Application Industries
  • Fully air cooled system, no maintenance;

  • Power consumption of 800 W / h;

  • Stable performance, machine maintenance-free time can be up to 100,000 hours;

  • Surface marking on all kinds of metal materials and non-metallic material surface, as well as depth marking, which has the advantage of strong applicability;

  • Working with computer to change the graphics and parameters of the marking easily;

  • The output laser spot marking lines smaller, with the marking effect of fine, unique, never worn, and security.

  • The areas has the high requirement of depth, smoothness and precision;

  • Keyboard and transparent keys;

  • Electronic components and IC

  • Electrical appliances, communication products and signs;

  • Sanitary ware, hardware;

  • Tool accessories, precision instruments;

  • PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.



Model FB20-1
Laser type/Wavelength YLP/1064nm
Laser output power 20W
Laser Beam quality M2 <1.5
Pulsed duration ≤100ns
Power stability (rms,>4h) <3%
Transverse mode TEM00
Marking area

50mm x 50mm

70mm x70mm

110mm x 110mm and so on

Marking depth ≤3mm
Maximum marking line speed 7000mm/s
Minimum marking line width ≤0.01mm
Minimum marking character height ≤0.1mm
Rep. Marking precision ≤10μrad
Power consumption 0.8kW
Power requirement 220VAC/50Hz
Dimensions 570*840*1240mm

Marking Samples

laser marking samples

laser marking samples laser marking samples

laser marking samples

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