DP100-2 Laser Marking Machine

Features   Application Industries
  • The optical system with a fully sealed structure;

  • Optical path preview and focus indication;

  • Water cooling system, low noise, high precision temperature control;

  • Cooperate with other instrument on the production line.

  • High laser output power, fast marking;

  • Tunable energy to make depth marking.

  • Mold;

  • Tools, locks, stainless steel products;

  • Signage, sanitary ware, hardware;

  • Glasses, watches and clocks;

  • Jewelry, auto parts;

  • PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.


Model DP100-2
Laser type/Wavelength Nd:YAG/1064nm
Laser peak power ≥100KW
Laser Beam quality M2 <2
Pulsed duration ≤100ns
Power stability (rms,>4h) <3%
Transverse mode Near TEM00
Marking area

50mm x 50mm

70mm x70mm

110mm x 110mm and so on

Marking depth ≤3mm
Maximum marking line speed 7000mm/s
Minimum marking line width ≤0.05mm
Minimum marking character height ≤0.5mm
Rep. Marking precision ≤10μrad
Power consumption 1.5kW
Power requirement 220VAC/50Hz
Dimensions 1200*940*1250mm

Marking Samples

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