Compact Spectrometer-Firefly4000

Compact Spectrometer-Firefly4000



  • Small appearance, easy to carry

  • Convenient operation

  • Customized wavelength range and resolution

  • Fit various applications

  • Support download for Spectral Analysis 5.0


  • Laser spectral analysis

  • Fluorescence spectral analysis

  • LIBS spectral analysis

  • Absorbance measurement

  • Reflectivity/transmittance measurement

  • Food and agriculture

  • Chemical or biological research

  • Environmental sciences

  • Film thickness measurement

Available Model


Spectral range


Firefly General series


GE 350-1000nm

GE 230-530nm

GE 200-850nm

Standard Specifications
Detector Toshiba TCD1304DG linear CCD array
Wavelength range 200-1100nm
Pixels 3648 pixels
Pixel size 8um*200um
Dimensions (mm) 89*63.9*36.2
Weight (g) 170
Optical resolution <0.6nm
Signal-to-noise ratio 300:1 (at full signal)
Dynamic range 2*109(system);1300:1 for a single acquisition
Integration time 4ms-10s
Power consumption 450mA@5VDC
Data transfer speed Full scans into memory every 4 milliseconds with USB 2.0; every 18 milliseconds with USB 1.1
Inputs/outputs 5 inputs and 5 outputs (opto-isolator inputs/outputs)
Analog channels One 12 analog input one 12 analog output
Strobe functions Yes
Connector 30-pin connector
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