CO2-30 CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Features   Application Industries
  • High output power;

  • Tunable output power controlled by software;

  • Low cost to processing, no supplies;

  • Large marking range, marking clearly, high marking efficiency;

  • Engraving depth random controls and suitable for many products.

  • Handicraft, leather;

  • Timber, textile, decoration;

  • Plastic products, acrylic;

  • 3M label, packaging bag;

  • Glass, ceramic.


Model CO2-30
Laser type/Wavelength 10.6um
Laser output power 30W
Marking area 110mm x 110mm or 200 x? 200mm
(larger on request)
Marking depth 5mm
Maximum marking line speed 7000mm/s
Maximum marking line width 0.1mm
Maximum marking character height 0.5mm
Power consumption 0.8kW
Power requirement 220VAC/50Hz
Dimensions 1200*940*1250mm

Marking Samples

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