Accessories for Optogenetics and Neuroscience

Accessories for Optogenetics and Neuroscience

Fiber Patch Cables


·SM Fiber, PM Fiber, MM Fiber (50-400um)


·Wavelength range: 320nm-2200nm


·Fiber length: 1m, 2m, others on request, and (FC, SMA905 optional)

Fiber Optic Cannula and mating sleeve


·Implantable Fiber Optic Cannula


·Outer Diameter of cannula: Ф1.25mm、Ф2.5mm


·Cannula: Ceramic, stainless steel

Rotary Joint


·Prevents Fiber Damage from Specimen Movement


·Connector: FC or SMA905


·Wavelength Range: 320nm-2200nm



·Modulation repetition rate (0-4MHz)


·Diffraction Efficiency: >75%


·Wavelength range: 450nm-850nm (others optional)

Beam Shutter


·Delay from the electrical signal: 4ms


·Repetition Rate: 0-10Hz


·Rising time and fall time: 250us

Power Meter


·Supplied with real time monitor software and available data storage


·Wavelenght Range: 0.19-25um


·Power Range: 0.1uW-2W (High resolution)

Laser Goggles


·Protect damage from the high power laser


·Wavelength range: 320nm-2200nm


·High definition, Material durability

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