Laser Shields


Laser Shields



Comfortable style

Large frame

Wide field of view

High visible light transmission

Crush and break proof material


Model Number: LS-U

Model Number: LS-B


T<1% for 260 nm-390 nm

T<1% for 300 nm-460 nm, and 620 nm-750nm

Model Number: LS-G

Model Number: LS-Y

  T<1% for 200 nm-550 nm

T<1% for 528 nm-561 nm, and 572 nm-584 nm

1%<T<2% for 516 nm-527 nm, 562 nm-570 nm,
and 586 nm-590 nm


Model Number: LS-I

Model Number: LS-IR

  T<1% for 200 nm-300 nm, and 680 nm-1350 nm T<1% for 200 nm-450 nm, and 800 nm-1790 nm
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