473 nm Blue Solid State Laser

blue_laser_III blue_laser_H
MXL-III-473 MXL-H-473 MXL-FN-473 MXL-N-473

Single Longitudinal Mode Blue Laser at 473 nm MSL-FN-473/1~100mW
MSL-FN-473-AOM/1~50mWUp to 1MHz modulation!

Low Noise Blue  Laser at 473 nm


DPSS Blue Laser at 473 nm MBL-III-473/1~100mW
MBL-III-473-AOM/1-50mWUp to 1MHz modulation!
MBL-S-473/1~100mWGood seal! IP67!
MBL-FN-473/1~500mWHigh stability!
MBL-FN-473-AOM/50-150mW Up to 1MHz modulation!

Actively Q-switched Laser at 473 nm AO-Z-473/1~50uJ/1-500mW

Blue Laser Pointer & Portable Laser at 473 nm
Laser Pointer Portable Laser Portable Laser Portable Laser
GLP-473/0.6~5mW PGL-III-C-473/5~80mW PGL-III-M-473/5~50mW PGL-III-A-473/5~50mW

Blue Laser Module at 473 nm

PGL-H-473 OEM laser
1~50mW 1mW~500mW

Blue Line Laser

Fiber Coupled Laser System at 473 nm

MBL-473(Line) MBL-473(FC) FC-473
1mW~1.5W 1~1200mW 1~500mW
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