561 nm Yellow Green Solid State Laser

MXL-FN-561 MXL-N-561 MXL-W-561

Single Longitudinal Mode Green Laser at 561 nm MSL-FN-561/1~80mW
MSL-FN-561-AOM/1~50mWUp to 1MHz modulation!

Low Noise Yellow green? Laser at 561 nm? ? MLL-U-561/1~75mWUltra-low noise!


DPSS Yellow Green Laser at 561 nm

MGL-FN-561/1~200mW High stability!
MGL-FN-561-AOM/1-100mW Up to 1MHz modulation!



Fiber Coupled Laser System at 561 nm

MGL-561(FC) FC-561
1~1000mW 1~120mW
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