Raman spectrometer

RamanSys-785 Raman spectrometer is high-sensitivity back-thinned 2D FFT-CCD detector equipped with a 785nm excitation and stable frequency laser, and with the whole curing optical design for the Raman probe. Meanwhile, with high resolution, sensitivity and other advantages, it fits for various application.

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Laser marking system

Our laser marking systems based on Q-switched diode pumped solid state laser, have the features of high peak power due to the pulse duration less than 10ns, compact dimension and high fine precise marking lines, which render our laser marking machine comparable with fiber laser and very attractive for various laser marking applications ( diamond, metal, steel, IC, Plastic, Package, Logo, etc. ...).

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Laser blue 473 nm

DPSS laser and diode laser from 1mW to 100W, including Laboratory Lasers, Scientific Lasers, Low Noise Lasers, Single Longitudinal Mode Laser, Q-Switched Laser and OEM Laser Module etc. Wavelength from 266nm (UV) to 2200nm (IR). Visible band includes red, yellow, green and blue even RGB lasers. TTL/ Analog Modulation, Beam expander, line generator, fiber coupling and customization of DPSS/ Diode Laser also available.

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