1064 nm Infrared Solid State Laser

MXL-III-1064 MXL-H-1064 MXL-N-1064 MXL-W-1064

Single Longitudinal Mode Infrared Laser at 1064 nm MSL-III-1064/1~1000mW
MSL-S-1064/1~500mWGood seal! IP67!
MSL-AO-1064/1~200uJ Pulsed!

Infrared DPSS Laser at 1064 nm  Low Noise Laser at 1064 nm
MIL-III-1064/1~1500mW   MLL-III-1064/1~1500mW
MIL-S-1064/1~1500mWGood seal! IP67!   MLL-S-1064/1~1500mWGood seal! IP67!
MIL-H-1064/2000~3000mW   MLL-H-1064/2000~3000mW
MIL-N-1064/4000~5000mW   MLL-N-1064/4000~5000mW
MIL-W-1064/6000~20000mW   MLL-W-1064/6000~20000mW
MIL-V-1064/6000-20000mWSuperior beam quality   MLL-V-1064/6000-20000mWSuperior beam quality
HPL-1064-CW/50~100W (Water-cooled)  
HPL-1064-CW/100~500W (Water-cooled)  

Passively Q-switched Laser at 1064 nm MPL-III-1064/10~20uJ/1~500mW ultra-narrow pulse width! SM fiber!
OEM-P-1064/1-20uJ/1-400mWsmall in size, lightweight NEW!
MPL-H-1064/20~100uJ/500~1500mW ultra-narrow pulse width!
MPL-N-1064/150~250uJ/1500~3000mWultra-narrow pulse width!

AO-N-1064 AO-W-1064 HPL-1064-Q AO-V-1064 New!

Actively Q-switched Laser at 1064 nm

AO-L-1064/1~1500uJ/1~5000mW New!
HPL-1064-Q/5~10mJ/50~100W (Water-cooled)
HPL-1064-Q/6.6~20mJ/100~300W (Water-cooled)
DPS-1064-A/1-10mJ ((Conduction cooled) New!

DPS-1064-Q/5~40mJ (Water-cooled) High single pulse energy!

Lamp pumped Q-switched Laser at 1064 nm LPS-S-1064/50-300mJ
LPS-A-1064/20-150mJWater to Air cooled!

Picosecond Pulsed Laser at 1064 nm


Low Cost Infrared Laser at 1064 nm

PGL-V-H-1064 PGL-I-R-1064 PGL-VI-1064 PGL-H-1064
1~1000mW 1~400mW 1~400mW 1~1000mW

Laser Pointer & Portable Laser at 1064 nm

Laser Pointer Portable Laser
GLP-1064/0.6~5mW PGL-III(-C)-1064/5~500mW

Fiber Coupled Laser System at 1064 nm

MIL-1064(FC) FC-1064
1mW~15W 1mW~2.5W
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